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So... hi. I'm ella. this is me. cept it's not really me because i'm boring as hell, so this is things i like instead.

here i am multifandom, and
this is not a spoiler free blog!

Kid Loki (Journey into Mystery #635 by Kieron Gillen):
 Even when life seems a bad dream, you can think that it IS a bad dream, and you may wake from it. It’s what they can never take from you. There’s always hope…


organised-clutter said: Emma this is terrifying. And yet it makes me miss my Kermit the Frog backpack. O.o

What you talking about, it wasn’t scary

I mean imagine a Shrek backpack

The teeth will give me nightmares. 

I think I’ve seen one of those. That was also scary. But more green.